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Why List with us?

Why not Seek, MyCareer or CareerOne?

Credit given where credit due, these are good sites that are good at what they do, here are some reasons why WorkinCairns can complement these job search sites or replace them as a cheap and effective alternative.

Top Search Results

When Cairns and Far North Queensland jobseekers search online, WorkinCairns is the result. Here are some of the top keywords that will return WorkinCairns via Google

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We are Extremely Affordable

When listing with WorkinCairns you pay only for what you need i.e. Jobseekers of Cairns, not the entire country.

Our overheads are comparatively low (e.g. we do not need to spend big on advertising, jobseekers already find us) and we pass these savings on to you making us significantly cheaper than top job listing sites. Click here to compare us to the competition

Highly Targeted

The name WorkinCairns immediately conveys what we are all about. Jobseekers arrive with the expectation of finding the right job in the right place (Cairns and Far North Queensland), quickly and efficiently for businesses just like yours.

High Traffic

Not only are our jobseekers relevant to you, there are plenty of them visiting each day! This year WorkinCairns has received on average, 5900 targeted visitors a month.