Atherton - Secret haven, a highland getaway, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Herberton - The famous tourist spots in Herberton are its museums and galleries.

Kurandra - Known to many as a "village in the rainforest", Kuranda exudes beauty.

Lake Tinaroo - the area is abundant with spectacular birdlife and friendly land animals.

Malanda - A quiet, sleepy town that is covered with luscious greens and abundant with crystals

Mareeba is a fine tourist spot for those who love to explore nature and wildlife

Millaa Millaa
Millaa Millaa is the gateway to the Atherton Tableland.

Ravenshoe - Ravenshoe offer an attraction for those who just love all sorts of hiking.

Yungaburra is shaped mainly by volcanic activities of the past.

Atherton Tableland


The Atherton Tableland exhibits an abundant plateau of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland and is situated in the far southwestern area 1-2 hours from Cairns.  Named after John Atherton who settled in the town in 1877, the popular nature spot is mapped near the tropics, but is elevated at about 600 to 1,100 meters making for a 30-degree Celsius climate. This in turn makes the 32,000 square kilometre land suitable for dairy farming.  In fact, the Barron River flowing across the plateau was used to form the Lake Tinaroo irrigation that will provide water to the farms.

Beautiful Atherton Tableland

Atherton Tableland has also earned the recognition of being among the top tourist destinations in Australia.  This magnificent plateau has contributed so much in the development of the Australian tourism industry. The Tableland features spectacular spots, like the Barron River and the Tinaroo Dam, which many tourists enjoy visiting.  The Yungaburra, in particular, serves as the premiere destination of several tourists. Yungaburra boasts of restaurants and Bed & Breakfasts, which have become the favorites of many guests over the years.

The Tableland is easily accessible to tourists who want to experience the true outback getaway. After an hour drive toward the Highlands in the western direction of Cairns, tourists will get to see the beauty of the Tableland. The winding roads provide travelers with the best and clear view of the entire Tableland, which exudes an enchantment consisting of a combination of the outback and the Wet Tropics. There are hills and mountains that offer the thrill of adventure and there are lakes, rivers and waterfalls that provide a calm and peaceful rest.

The Tableland provides an ideal natural habitat to many plant and animal species. Biologists have described the rainforests in the area as the ultimate proof of earth life. There are also several species of birds, marsupials and fishes all around the Tableland.  In addition, there are world-famous kangaroos and the Aussy-native platypus, which live mostly in the rainforests but can be viewed by visitors who are enjoying their wilderness cruise.

Things to do

The terrain of the Tableland also allows tourists to do numerous activities. The plains and slopes provide a perfect place for walking, hiking and trekking. The lakes and the rivers, on the other hand, serve as sites for swimming, fishing, rafting, and other fun water sports. Also, there are crater lakes of extinct volcanoes and a slew of national parks that are ideal for nature adventures.

Generally, Atherton Tableland accommodation are very much available and affordable; there are several guesthouses, motels and classic hotels to choose from. But for an alternate kind of lodging, there are backpackers, camping parks, farm stays, boutique style cottages and caravans. These stay-ins serve as base camps for tourists out on an exploration. 

Food is also not a reason for worry, as Tableland has plenty of cafes and restaurants that serve excellent and affordable food.  As for basic necessities and shopping, there are weekend markets where tourists can buy assorted products and souvenirs.  All in all, Atherton Tableland indeed has everything that travel enthusiasts will look for in an exciting and unforgettable trip.