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Cairns and Employment

If you are already a resident or visitor to Cairns you will be well and truly familiar with the great things this city has to offer.

Here are a few facts about the city of Cairns and employment

  • Cairns is in the top 10 fastest growing regions in Australia, faster than Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
  • Far North Queensland has been one of the fastest growing regions in Australia
  • Incomes in Cairns are higher than the national average
  • As far as climate is concerned you can expect a lovely average temperature of 27 degrees for 6 months each year

The regional Economy Breakdown

Tourism and Hospitality

Cairns is a primary tourist hub of Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. As you would expect the tourism and hospitality industry thrives and dominates here. It is a great place to kick start or progress your career with many positions also appropriate for travellers and those on working holidays.


The main crops surrounding Cairns are sugar cane fields which are also processed in mills in Far North Queensland


Mining has always had its place around Cairns and more recently we are seeing older mines reopening with a significant interest in Tungsten


Cairns has a strong base of manufacturing that services the growing needs of the city, as well as manufacturing on a national and global level


Fishing and Chartering are big business in the Cairns region with the waters rich in life and of course access to the Great Barrier Reef