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Port Douglas

A town in Australia's Far North Queensland, Port Douglas is named in honor of John Douglas, Queensland's former Premier.  This charming and quaint town can be found 60km north of the Cairns International Airport in Queensland, Australia's Tropical North.

A relatively small mining and timbre town that has just over 4000 residents, Port Douglas' economy takes advantage of the arrival of tourists each year to go to the town's popular attractions. 

Port Douglas history

Port Douglas was established by James Venture Mulligan at Hodgkinson River after the discovery of goldmines throughout the area in 1877.  Due to the successful excavation of gold, more and more people headed to the area and settled there with their families and livelihood.  Soon, the population boomed, until such a time that Port Douglas had more than 12,000 people, with different establishments -- including 27 hotels.  As the town progressed, more and more construction projects went on the way, and the Mulligan Highway was able to connect Port Douglas to other neighboring towns.  Before tourism, the primary source of income among the residents of Port Douglas was fishing, sugarcane and cedar tree plantations resulting in the creation of the Mossman Sugar Mill.

Things to do

Sports like kite-surfing, parasailing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming are only some of the things that tourists can do while within the area.  There are many bodies of water in Port Douglas, and one of the most popular is the Four Mile Beach where people flock during the season of winter to take advantage of the trade winds coming from the South.  Families and couples can take various guided tours to see the marine life that is Port Douglas' pride.  Aside from hotels, there are many fancy, five-star resorts that tourists can choose from.  For those who want a different kind of fun that has nothing to do with the sea, Port Douglas also has golf courses, bars, cafes and restaurants

There are also many shops that can be found scattered across Port Douglas that are mostly souvenir shops. But it also has boutiques, bookstores and even supermarkets.  For those who want to see more of this town's wildlife, the Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary Natural Reserve, Mossman Sugar Mill and the Mossman Gorge are among the well-known destinations.  While driving along the coast, tourists are enthralled by the amazing scenery of the town.  Port Douglas is also the mainland town that is the closest to Cape Tribulation, world heritage Daintree Rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef.  These credentials are reasons enough for Port Douglas to be considered as a prime tourist spot for locals and foreigners in Australia.